Designing Intervention Systems with Empathy

2023 Intervention Leadership Conference

All students can make sense of mathematics. Some students just need more time, opportunities and support than others. We believe that designing with empathy is the key to creating and implementing effective, asset-based intervention strategies. At our Intervention Leadership Conference, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Identify the features of an asset-based intervention system and how it can be tailored to the needs of your school or district.
  • Hear from leaders who have successfully implemented this approach and learn about the benefits, challenges and outcomes they've seen.
  • Gain valuable skills in empathy interviewing, and learn how to conduct insightful interviews with students, families and educators.
  • Draft an action plan to implement an asset-based intervention system within your school or district.
Network with other leaders committed to creating more equitable, student-centered learning environments. We are here to support each other!

Register for ILC 2023

  • LC 2023 Dates: July 23–24, 2023
  • Location: Bloomington, MN
  • Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Cost to Attend ILC: $550 ($825 for two registrations)
  • Bring a Team Member to ILC 2023:
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Join Us in July 2023 for a Dual Conference Event

Build a comprehensive vision of asset-based teaching and learning. You have the option of joining the Intervention Leadership Conference on July 23–24 and continuing your learning journey at our Summer Leadership Institute on July 24–27. Both conferences will take place at Radisson Blu Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.

ILC 2023 Agenda

Download the ILC 2023 agenda for more information about our learning goals and a daily schedule overview.

Featured Presenters

Dr. Kara Imm

Dr. Kara Imm

Dr. Kara Imm is a K-12 math educator based in New York City who designs and leads professional development and site-based coaching to school communities and districts throughout New York State, across the U. S. and internationally. In her more than 20-year career, she has been a middle and high school math teacher, staff developer, leadership coach, and teacher education faculty. She currently teaches graduate coursework at Hunter College (City University of New York), supporting the development of elementary teaching candidates in East Harlem. In her research and writing, Kara is exploring two frontiers: the role of design thinking in teachers’ work with marginalized students, and the intersection of mathematical modeling, identity development and culturally relevant pedagogy. 

Dr. Rachel Lambert

Dr. Rachel Lambert

Dr. Rachel Lambert is an associate professor in special education and mathematics education at the Gervitz Graduate School of Education at University of California Santa Barbara. Her goal is to increase access to meaningful mathematics for students with disabilities. Dr. Lambert has published critical analysis of the academic fields of special education and mathematics education, particularly for the deficit construction of students with disabilities within these fields. She is currently researching how students with learning disabilities can be supported to more deeply engage in meaningful mathematics, as well as the integration of the Standards for Mathematical Practice into Individual Education Plans (IEPs).


What's the difference between SLI and ILC?

SLI (Summer Leadership Institute) is geared toward instructional leaders and teacher leaders. The purpose is to support strong instructional practice and introduce ways that leaders can support and encourage educators’ implementation of Bridges. This year, SLI will focus on asset-based teaching and learning—for all students. There will be sessions focused on supporting multilingual learners, intervention, horizontal enrichment, and productively adapting curriculum, as well as multiple ways to support educators using Bridges in their classrooms. 

ILC (Intervention Leadership Conference) is geared more toward those who support intervention. This might mean folks who provide direct intervention services to students, as well as those who coordinate intervention at a school or district level. Rather than a series of sessions, this is designed as an interactive workshop.

Does the ILC have a virtual option as well?

Unfortunately, we do not. The ILC is structured more like a two-day interactive workshop than a conference with a series of sessions that we can run virtually. 

I want to register. What steps do I need to take and what can I expect?

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